Barbara Kelso Garden Design

1. Single Consultation
  • Advice on existing planting, border maintenance, design ideas.
  • Can be purchased as a gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Mother's Day, etc.
  • Great for a smaller budget not requiring a full design service.
  • See more details on this consultation or gift idea
2. Full Design Service
  • Initial Consultation
  • Site Survey and Analysis
  • Concept Design Proposal
  • Presentation Layout Plan
  • Construction Plan and Details
  • Planting Plans and Schedule
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Project Management
  • Plant Sourcing and Setting Out
  • Aftercare Service
Initial Consultation

Once an enquiry has been received, an initial site visit will be arranged to view your garden, discuss your requirements, write a 'client brief' and give advice on your garden's potential. I also bring along books and pictures for you to look through, as well as my design portfolio showing previous client commissions. The consultation usually takes about 2 hours and there is a fee of £100 to cover my time and expenses. This fee is refunded if you agree to commission a full set of plans from me. Depending upon the size and complexity of your garden, an indication of the design costs can be given at this stage.

When you commission a full design service, the process will involve various stages:

Site Survey and Analysis

The garden is surveyed to locate all the existing features, plantings and levels within the site. This is undertaken by me, or in the case of larger or more complex site, a land surveyor. Other elements are analysed such as soil type, drainage, prevailing winds, frost pockets, orientation and good/bad views. This information is used to prepare a survey drawing, which is required for the subsequent preparation of the garden design.

Concept Design Proposal

From the information gathered, an initial proposal plan is produced to give a clear idea of the intended design. This design is discussed in detail with you and any necessary alterations are made prior to agreeing the final layout.

Presentation Layout Plan

This is a coloured plan, giving an overall view of the design and indicates all details within the design.

Construction Plan and Details

Hard landscaping layout and details of the materials to be used are shown on this plan. This is a plan from which a landscape contractor will be able to cost, set out and accurately construct your garden. Construction details of water features, hard surfaces and other garden structures may be necessary depending on the project.

Planting Plans and Schedule

The planting plan shows the location and spacing of all the plants, both new and existing, in the design. The plants are chosen accordingly, taking into consideration the aspect and growing conditions of the site. Colour, texture, form, scent and year-round impact feature highly in creating beautiful planting schemes. An accompanying schedule lists the plant names, sizes and quantities.

Maintenance Schedule

If requested, I can produce a maintenance schedule which lists the plants, each with a colour photograph, and explains exactly how and when to look after them. General notes are also provided about overall border maintenance, such as when to feed and mulch borders to get the best effect.

Project Management

I can help you find the right landscape contractor and recommend that several quotations are obtained. Regular site visits by myself during the construction of your garden ensures that everything goes smoothly and the garden is completed to a high standard. This is particularly useful if you have little available time to oversee the project yourself.

Plant Sourcing and Setting Out

If requested, I can order all your plants from selected nurseries and co-ordinate their delivery. I will personally place them in their planting positions and follow this up with an after-care visit.

Aftercare Service

A follow-up site visit 6 months / 1 year later allows me to check on the development of your garden.


If the full design service is not required, almost any combination of the above stages is possible, depending on the brief and scope of the project.

Please contact me for further details.