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My aim is to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing garden design reflecting your vision and lifestyle.

You may have a list of things of what you want in your garden, such as a patio or water feature, but have little idea of what you want from your garden, that is, how to make the whole garden work together.  A well designed garden should be dynamic yet elegant, imaginative and practical.  It should have its own character and atmosphere, in harmony with the home and surroundings, bringing many years of enjoyment and pleasure.

Listed below are a few ideas to think about when considering garden design.  It is also a good idea to put aside any pictures/images of gardens you may have come across that appeal to you.

Think about:

-  The garden in its setting.

-  Formal or Informal.

-  Traditional or Modern.

-  Rural or Urban.

-  Shape, structure and features.


Examples of Styles of Gardens

Wildlife Garden

With the constant erosion of native wildlife habitats, gardens increasingly provide a valuable source of food and shelter for a wide range of creatures.


Low Maintenance Garden

This is a garden which requires only a minimum amount of regular care and attention to keep it looking good.


Formal Garden

These gardens are characterized by their strong degree of symmetry and geometric shapes, such a circles, squares and rectangles, as well as straight lines.


Coastal Garden

These gardens may be exposed to salt-laden prevailing winds.  However, near the sea, the water reduces the incidence of frost, therefore more ‘tender’, choice plants can be grown if a sheltered spot can be found for them.


Garden for the Disabled

Many gardens are often inaccessible, uninviting places to those who may be handicapped in some way, maybe there are steps instead of a ramp or the path is not wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.  With care taken in the design, these gardens can be transformed so that anyone can have enjoyment from them.


Front Garden

Many front gardens are open to public view, both from passing strangers and from visitors to your home.  They also may require car parking space or a driveway to a garage.  With careful planning, it is possible to turn these areas into positive features that will add to the attraction of the garden.


Woodland Garden

Trees may be underplanted with a range of shrubs, perennials and bulbs, giving colour and interest to the area.


Country Garden

It is important to capture the mood of the location in which the garden sits, not only with plantings but in the hard landscaping and design layout as well.


Family Garden

A garden to suit all the family requires thoughtful planning, especially when the needs of the individual family members are diverse.  These needs may themselves change with time, particularly as children grow up, therefore the design needs to be reasonably flexible in order to take this into account.

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